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Little girl of bougnat, Marie Bouet grew up to the sound of clogs ! So obviously, this is how she works in her bistro near the Bastille, where she spends her days standing, trampling and walking for hours. But Marie wants to “decontextualize” the shoe, break the usual clichés, take it down to the street without complexes, like a city shoe, while retaining its authenticity. She has a very precise idea of ​​what she wants to wear and refuses to have to choose between comfort, aesthetics or femininity.

Marie wants style, pep, originality. She then sets out in search of the product of her dreams and ends up finding happiness with the famous Swedish clog with its attractive design, impeccable quality and whose many models fit men, women and children. Raised on the milk of popular common sense, Marie is a pragmatist; what is good for her is good for others. She wants to publicize the benefits of a design that has proven itself to often abused feet. And as she does not have hers in the same shoe, she decides to seduce an urban clientele who will be able to pound the pavement at ease in their shoes. Drawing on her experience, in April 2009 she opened the shop.

Marie runs her business smoothly, with that enthusiasm that only belongs to enthusiasts!


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